For my tastes, I'd prefer plainer, or rather, more tasteful clothing.

Kristin tried to concentrate.

Manny writes to me once a week.

There's a man with a gun in his hand standing at the door.

She asked her teacher for advice.

I was doing my homework then.

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Too many sweets cause your teeth to decay.

Molly wanted to know where Kenn had been.

After the day's work, I was tired to death.


I saw you with Toufic.


When was this novel published?

Unfortunately, I'm late.

My father suffers from osteoporosis.

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Well, I think it's interesting.


He was confronted with the evidence.

The speech lasted thirty minutes.

Susie sat up until midnight, when she heard a strange noise.

Let's go to Paul's Diner.

He was very persistent.

If I have made a mistake, excuse me.

She said she was nurse, which was a lie.


I'm planning to stay in Boston for three months.


I erred in the calculation.

Esperanto pronunciation is easy.

Nobody should be worried.

Why would you want to do that if you don't have to?

How do you say "cat" in Spanish?

I told Clara to check the oil level.

We are determined to protect the motherland.

The Government has collapsed, but the street fightings continue.

He's a take-charge boss.


Tomorrow morning, we will leave Japan.

How long does it take you to get ready for school?

Himawan ate the sandwich.


I don't need advisers.


Let them answer.

The fear makes the wolf bigger than what it is.

Lynnette poured Carolyn some more wine.

Have you ever ridden a mule?

Between you and me, he has a shallow way of thinking.


He's working on the president's security detail.

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Do you like Earl Grey tea?

I just wanted to give you this.

Manavendra has long hair which he wears in a ponytail.

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Let's hope that doesn't happen again.


You can't just work all day every day. You need to take a vacation once in a while.


I'm more experienced than Teruyuki.

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Did you want to sit down?

That's how you do it.

Sjouke met Donne at school.

Emmett definitely knows that he shouldn't be doing that.

Did you sleep a lot last night?

The professor requires excellent work of his students.

I think you should give Gary a call.


We'll make our announcement on Thursday.

The attack began without enough planning.

We couldn't do anything for them.

I wrote down his phone number on a scrap of paper.

He has sent you a new message.

It kept on raining for a week.

Barrett knew it was impossible.

I'll be gone for a while.

I'll always believe in you.

She was carrying a large leather bag under her arm.

We should have turned right.

It could be him.

Rayan could've won if he'd tried a little harder.


She loves squirrels.

Willie is counting on Himawan's help.

She's eating fruit and bread.

He will tell me everything sooner or later.

Because of illness, she couldn't come.

Is Perry done?

Don't find fault with your friend.


Does the lady know who this car here belongs to?

I thought you would miss your train.

He left his son a fortune.

Rathnakumar wants Raphael to study harder.

Evan usually keeps things to himself.

You abandoned us in the most disgraceful manner.

Take back what you said about me being stingy.

Natural food is not always good for our digestion.

The woman left and went to the courthouse, where she waited in line again.

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And you know what ? We're done !

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Lynn knows where we live.

The pilot will land the plane.

Don used to sing that song with his band.

Y'all are trustworthy.

I am economically independent of my parents.

What has been seen can not be unseen.

Let's think about that for a moment.

He's always reading comics.

Norma used to be skinny.

I'll send you the recipe.

I objected to being treated like a child.

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He passed through the woods.

I can't tolerate this noise any longer.

All of us listened to the music as if we were charmed by the moonlight.

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I can't do such a thing like you did.


Princess, don't drink the potion.

Did you ever try?

Try to stay objective.

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I'm not usually here this time of day.


Paula can't move as quickly as Douglas can.


I have been to London before.

You should perform regular maintenance on your car.

They were talking business.

You're not Brazilian, are you?

I see that your apetite has returned.

Write your name in full.

I want to try to work things out with Norman.

How do we have to proceed in this case?

Not only cooks carry long knives.

Who speaks your language better, men or women?

Fewer people come here every year.

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Sedovic sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the TV.

Let's discuss this at another time.

I'm not going to skate today.


Just leave it on my desk.

Today was a tiring day.

What's your favorite kind of art?

Wade is looking weak and wobbly.

It was a stupid joke.

You can put it anywhere.

I'm expecting a call.


Will she be able to leave the hospital next week?


He came to dine with us.

You don't speak English in your home.

Things like grammars that can be called absolutely correct do not exist anywhere.

I'm trying to learn French.

I don't know if that will be enough money for me.

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That is my seat.

The grass is always greener on the side that's watered.

My mother is preparing dinner.

Did you ever call them?

The girl is deeply attached to her aunt.


It's midnight.

He is famous as a good doctor.

Things were happening so quickly.


His contract runs for one more year.

Take care of Suyog.

Oh, you'll get used to it soon!

They're vegetarians.

Grandmother makes a practice of keeping early hours.

He tends to take sides with the weaker party.

His story cannot be true.


Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the console.

Those aren't my rules.

What are you wearing tonight?

How do you know it's real?

Did Piete arrive on time?

I'm just leaving.

Harold sends his love.

I will go to Tokyo tomorrow.

Roberto doesn't know you're here.

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Thank you for being so cooperative.

Subtlety has never been your strong suit.

I said we don't have to hurry.


Have you ever been up in a plane?

"Where's that superstition from?" "Call it folk wisdom."

I saw a lady go through the gate without showing her ticket.

I'm perfectly fine.

Nutella is not very well known in Japan. However, in America and Europe it's a popular spread and various sized jars of Nutella may be seen lined up inside many grocery stores and supermarkets.